Friday, 13 April 2012


Well surprisingly today was a pretty productive day so that means that now I am rewarding myself with a little Disney indulgence. Just taking a look at the DCP Interns videos on youtube. This channel on youtube is a really great way to find out a little more information about the college program and all of the roles that there are available for the CP, so if you haven't already go check it means you'll probably get really excited for your role though so be warned, if you're trying to stay away from the hype, maybe don't watch them :D

And now it is only 57 days, 14 hrs, 0 mins until my trip to Walt Disney World begins all over again. Looking at my suitcase and thinking that this is going to be too big! It is a pretty massive case in comparison to the case that I took with me last time, but I suppose that this means I won't have to leave so much stuff behind here and then at the other end of the program, leaving stuff there that I don't really want too. So I suppose I win in the long run, better get my muscle building plan on though so I can carry the thing :D wooo

Have a magical day :D

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