Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Visa arrival..

Hey there

I got my visa back today about 1.55pm on an 8am-6pm delivery, so not too bad really. All in all, a success. Now everything is sorted, all fees are paid and I have all my documentation to travel. So in just 67 days I will be jetting off to the sunshine state for the summer of a lifetime, round 2. Just a note to anyone here receiving their visa back, make sure you take very good care of the DS-2019 form, you will need it all the summer, so make sure you don't leave the UK without it :D

So now all of the, not so exciting, paperwork is over it is time to get just a little bit super excited about the program itself. It also means that it is almost time to go shopping once again :D this may wait until I go back to uni and go with my housemate who is doing the program also. Number one on my shopping list is a pair of sun glasses, but there will be new flip flops and stuff too. Today I did begin my shopping though, with a new but very cheap duvet cover for my sleeping bag/duvet for the summer. It was in the sale at a bargain price of £2.05, so there is no concern over me leaving it in the US on my return to the UK in September. So this means that my bed is set for June 10th, just need some pillows now, contemplating taking one as hand luggage....if not a late night trip to walmart will yield some comfort here :D

So other than this today I have been finally printing pictures from last years ICP. I can't believe that I didn't get around to printing most of them yet. I purchased a really big photo album from cast connections for about $5 last summer, a disney one with the year on it and I didn't realise how many photos this thing holds! I know I took a lot of pictures, but seriously, I think I'll run out of paper and patience before I fill this thing! But on another note it does mean that it will be an awesome memory holder from ICP 2011!

Righto, back to reading my completed dissertation I go, heigh ho, heigh ho...


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