Monday, 2 April 2012

Well that's a surprise.......


Well in the process of planning my next move phone-wise for my trip state-side, I have discovered that the phone my parents bought whilst I was out there last time is still connected and has service. If I add credit to it within the next 4 days, so just need to remember to add some money onto the thing by Friday and it will all be well. Plus as the credit lasts for 90 days and it is only 68 days until I go then the credit will not expire before I get there. Win. It also means that upon arrival in Orlando I will have a fully functioning phone immediately :D yay for good coincidences, they make me smile :D

Back to the dreariness of the UK and tomorrow my passport and visa will be returned. :D Not so sure how I feel about the 8am-6pm delivery slot, but hey ho, it was a lot cheaper than last years £27 slot :/ so I guess I just gotta stay in until the thing appears. It shall be worth it though, that is no concern!

On a Disney related note, on one of my Disney internet escapades I have discovered the opening of a new value resort at the Walt Disney Resort known as the 'Art of Animation' resort. It looks really cool and is opening in phases this year, starting in May through September. So I shall be dropping by and checking this new resort out. Here's a link to Disney's website for the resort so you can see for yourselves how beautiful it looks :D


For now there is no further news so take care lovely people :D

Have a magical day (tomorrow) :D

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