Wednesday, 30 May 2012

10 days to go!!!!

Well hello there fellow ICPs :D this will no doubt be my last blog post of the marvellous month of May! It has been one crazy whirlwind of  a year and I cannot believe how fast it has gone and how quickly I will be leaving the UK once again! Scarily I figured out last week that the last time I went to see a movie at the cinema was in Fl last summer! That is just how crazy busy this year has been! And now I'm bored. Well only for another 10 days and then I'll be crazy busy and crazy tired non-stop until September 10th! Eeek, it doesn't feel real again despite having done the program last year and knowing what to expect kinda and having the ability to imagine things in my mind, it doesn't mean that any of it seems more real or like it will actually become reality in just over a week! The scariest thing I think is still that I have stuff to sort out before I go now! I know it will all work out and plans for travel are going ok we just need to get our heads and cash together so that we can actually book the tickets etc and make the dreams become a reality! You only live once right! Tell that to my bank account :P

What’s the one Disney movie that you can quote from memory?
Anyways, other than starting to panic and get worried about random things, I have also been sorting out the last few things and getting a hair cut. My hair hasn't changed much, it's a bit shorter to ensure that I don't die from the heat and still fits the Disney look, well I think it does :D. I also finally got a new swimming costume today, simple black with a pretty spotty tie, I quite like it :D and also I could not resist another pair of flip flops! Possibly a bad idea, but I know I'll live in them, so I consider it an investment rather than a waste! Also this week, being at home, is all about seeing my family and relaxing before the craziness commences. However I find that now that I have finally stopped running around like a headless chicken, I'm tired all the time! Apparently non-stop is possible but a give your brain a few days and it just stops working! Makes me kinda worried I'll forget all the stuff I tried to cram into it over the last year and I won't remember anything for my placement in September...I hope this isn't the case.

Well either way, it's time to go and find something else Disney related to do/see/listen to :D au revoir!

Friday, 25 May 2012

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So today I am one happy girl! I am all done with exams, hopefully until a year from now, but if not at least until retakes...and fingers crossed they all went ok-ish, not well but hopefully well enough for me to have passed. You know you've lost all of your competitiveness and drive when your sole aim for all exams is just a pass because you know aiming higher is pretty we're hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst. However now is so not the time to be worrying about them, results will not be out until July and I have lots of things to do before then! After we finished our exams yesterday my course mates and I went out for a spot of lunch at slug and lettuce and milled around in the beautiful sunshine in beautiful Chester! After this it was difficult to remember that I had actually finished my 3rd year of uni and for the first time since September I am free!
 Another exciting part of having finished exams also means that today I got to head to Liverpool for another little Disney meet up. There were only about 8/9 of us all in all but it was a good day, sat out in the sunshine at Liverpool one :D It was great to see some familiar faces and have a chance to catch up and just discuss Disney non-stop all day! Which for me is great when a lot of people I know don't know too much about Disney or they just don't care in the same way I do! We spent all afternoon there just chilling and chatting and the time flew by! Then we had to make it back to Chester but the trains were cancelled to Chester, which was so irritating but we had our own heroine today in the form of Rachel who helped us get back to Chester before Friday was out :D and here I am just updating this blog now, so all in all a very lovely day for celebrating finishing exams and third year!

On another excitable note, it is now 16 days until the summer officially starts and once again I become a Disney cast member! I am so excited now and cannot wait, but just like last year, it still doesn't seem real or that it will really happen, although I know it will! Righto I'm off now, sleepy, well kinda :) have a magical day everyone!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Two exams down, one to go.

Good evening fabulous people, today marks the end of my second exam of third year and potentially that means only 2 more exams until they hand me a degree...the fools :P well the exams so far have neither been great nor awful, one was a bit of a joke but I hope that they went ok, they seemed to go ok, so I'm hoping my gut feeling is true and I haven't exactly fell flat on my face with my answers, but obviously with the whole ICP situation I must pass to ensure that retakes and flights back to the UK are not needed...

 So onto revision for my final exam on Thursday now and that means another step closer to getting back to the happiest place on earth! The ICPs who are already there are posting some wonderful pictures and are giving me a good incentive to make sure that exams go as best as I can make them! Obviously having a magic wand would be wonderful, or even a fairy godmother, that too would be an awesome way to solve all of my academic and in fact, all other, problems!

In other news I still have a million and one things to do before the next 19 days are up! This includes getting more clothes, sun screen and finding my internet cable, which I appear to have misplaced, I hope it's not a complete loss, I need that thing! I hate to lose things! Oh well, maybe I'll find it chilling at home when I get there on Sunday. Also, I have been watching Disney movies whilst revising and this has picked my mood up no end, I've got through pretty much all of the ones I have copies of here at uni, and it includes such classics as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. A disney pick me up always lightens the days!

The last two days have also give us a little taste of the glorious sunshine, and what it actually is! I've had to get out the sun screen and sun glasses, but I'm not complaining, sure beats rain any day of the week! The sun also reminds me of Florida, just because every day is pretty much a sunny one, despite the down pours there is almost no day where the sun doesn't shine for at least a few hours! And we all know how much happier it makes you just to know and see that the sun exists!

Anyways, off to catch some z's soon, ta ra. Have a magical day!

Friday, 18 May 2012

So many groups, so little time...

Well hello there, it's Friday night and once again I have been living an exceptionally exciting life and spent the evening revising for my exams next week! I am getting pretty nervous about them now, they're so close, so real, and despite revision making me want to run away, and being so sick of seeing and re-reading the same thing over and over, I am not prepared for them! So we shall see, I do have the consolation that this time next week I will be free!!! And that means that I finally get to plan my travel plans for after the ICP, more about that next week, when plans take shape!

In relation to this posts title, there has been yet another college program group created on fb this week, I think I may be part of 4 or 5 now and it's a little crazy, new notifications all the time, I just don't have time to read all of the posts and really see what's going on. It's a good idea, great to meet and get to know new people :D but still wish I had more free time I think! :D Anyway, on with my blog....

                               I got to see this every single day of my program....:D

So, I promised to tell you all about the best bits from my programme right... so I'll pick one from work and one from social times and give them a bit of credit! The ICP is like no other experience you will ever have! So, let's start with my favourite moment at work, hmm, this has to be when I was actually outside the box, directing traffic and managing the people, my boss didn't think I would be able to do it, but I did! And it also meant that I could actually have conversations with guests about their days and what their plans were, unless they'd had a bad day, and then I got the front of it. But on the whole the times spent outside were by far the best, actually this also includes the time I spent on elevator line for the usher role, helping guests with disabilities get into the theatre via out elevator :D

For my favourite non-work moment, I've decided I have to pick two. Number one was dancing with Tigger and having the most amazing breakfast ever at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian with my friends Ashleigh and Heather. The other moment I choose, (these are not in order, in case you were wondering) was the whole entire graduation day! It was amazing! No words can fully describe that day. We started out early and attempted all 4 parks in one day (we failed due to graduation taking up like 3 hours) we managed 3 in the end, had lunch at epcot and then went back to Chatham to get ready for graduation. It was a big party, we got our grad mickey ears, certificates, freebies, food and dancing and so much fun. In true florida style we also got a major rain storm to top it off! We ended the night over at MK with fireworks and a MK bakery moment (one of our favourite haunts!). Thinking about it now just makes me smile :D

On that happy note, good night friends :D

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May have had momentous burst of excitement....

So, after finishing up some revision, I came across this on a website called simplesdisney things. It is from one of my favourite Disney movies and it expresses how I feel about finishing exams and going back to Florida! A retraction upon this mornings complaints, but at least I can bring a little Disney magic back into the day :D

For my next blog I am going to tell you about the best day of my program in 2011, seeing as I told you the worst thing lol so you should get the best too :) until then, a bientot...

Have a magical dreaming night :D

Is it June 10th yet?

So with 25 days to go I'm going a little stir crazy. Spending all my time in my room revising, with breaks to go buy food and lectures up until yesterday. Uni really does ruin your life some times! I just can't wait for it to be over now and yet at the same time when I've done the exams I know there will be no more I can do to them and so if I've failed, that's it, my fate is sealed, an early plane home and resits in August... which I seriously hope I don't have to do, I will be devastated! Yet the closer the exams loom the more likely this reality is seeming and the less positive I am about the whole outcome of this. As much as I can't wait to get back to WDW and resume my ICP life, it some times makes me wonder if I should really be doing it because of the extra pressure to pass it puts on me, especially as I have to pass to continue into my placement year and if I hope to finish this degree at some point...

However in the midst of despair, myself and my house mate have begun our planning for post ICP travelling. That is providing we pass the exams and manage to stay in the US... so keep all of your fingers, toes, arms whatever else, for us please! In our plans at the moment include South Carolina, to see one of my friends doing a year abrorad there, then onto Washington DC and the NY, finishing off the trip back in Florida as that's where we will be flying from to get back to the UK. So those plans make me really excited and motivated to pass these exams, but I wish it was as simple as long as you have motivation you get to pass, because I'm just not sure why unis are so evil to third year students! I have also been listening to disney music, radio etc to keep me positive, we shall see the impact next thursday afternoon when it's all over!

Well that perhaps is enough complaining for one day, sorry I'm not very upbeat at the moment, but it's been a while since I blogged and felt a new blog needed to happen so even though this blog is quite boring and doesn't really tell you much, it exists, and will remain to do so. :)

Right, well I hope everyone else is super positive and looking forward to the remaining 25 days we have in the UK.


Friday, 11 May 2012

30 days....

So we're now at the 30 day count down stage, which in other words, means less than one month now! How fast time goes when you're trying tor revise for exams and finish up a year of uni. So this week has gone pretty fast, I can't believe it's been a week since I saw Ayla and her friend and sister in the Peak District! Time is just flying by and it's so sad how quickly you have to say good bye all over again. Well, on with the show, this week has been a week of people trying to find out where they will be working at Disney and quite a few people appear to be in Epcot, but there is now suspicion that this is all lies and we won't find out until arrival. Disney do like surprises!

In other news, I also found out that I get to keep my perner number :D yay no new numbers for me to learn this year! So in disney a perner number is your ID number, basically your number to clock in and out etc...all I know is I kept forgetting mine last year and had to check my ID card a lot, but this means that I will keep my number, which typically I can now remember and hopefully never forget how to get into work/hub :D

Also filtering through facebook of late has been the pictures and statuses of the lucky May 6th people, it seems like they are having a great time, and much better weather than in the UK I might add. So far I know that one friend I know is working at the Polynesian, near MK. The Polynesian is my favourite resort, it is a deluxe resort and it has great theming and you can also watch wishes from the man-made beach that they have there, we did that last year, in fact we watched the July 4th fireworks from that beach! I prefer that resort even to the Grand Floridian, boo hiss if you don't agree, but the Grand Floridian is beautiful and immaculate and wonderfully themed but the Polynesian just has the extra jazz for me :) it's true that you can see MK from both resorts and that the Grand Floridian has a wedding pavillion, so I'll leave you to make up your own minds about it... In the defence of the Floridian it has 1900 Park Fayre, a character dining restaurant where myself and 2 of my friends had a late breakfast last year! It was epic! It has the typical British characters (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, Alice) and you get the most amazing breakfast, it was just amazing, plus it's nice and conveniently close to MK to hop into the park after a very satisfying breakfast. I preferred my character meal there moreso than in the Crystal Palace in MK. But on the list for this year is Cinderella's Royal table, more pricey, no question, but I've only heard good things :D

Right, on that note, I will leave you to your dreams..

''all you need is faith, hope and trust. oh and something I forgot. dust....yup, just a little bit of pixie dust....''

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

''Giving up is for rookies''

And so the famous quote goes, but I sure do feel like giving up with this revision right now! There seems to be no end to it although there is a big mickey mouse shaped light at the end of this long long tunnel. It is now 33 days until I get to hop across the pond for fun in the sun, but until then I must stay in the UK and revise for 3 exams which are looming and seem to be very difficult from my point of view....

To add insult to injury the May 6th people are out there right now in the sunshine and last night enjoyed an I/CP exclusive party at Typhoon Lagoon, I'm sure it was an amazing night and hope they all had a great time, but it just means I want to be there and not here more than ever. I'm afraid this post has just turned into a big complain about life but I guess I'm still very lucky to be going to Disney World at all and I should make the most of being in a country where I don't melt when I step foot outside the door, even though it can be cold and rains all day in comparison to 10 minute down pours....

Righto, off I must go, back to the realities of the world, TTFN!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wanna know the worst thing about the ICP?

Well I'm afraid I must start this post in a kinda melancholy way and for that I'm sorry, especially for the excited May 6th people onboard planes right about now... So I have had a wonderful few days catching up with one of my friends from ICP 2011 Ayla, who is currently backpacking across Europe and made a stop in the UK where I met her and her travel companions to take a light stroll (8 miles) down the Dovedale trail and through the countryside.

It was a wonderful time, despite the wonderful english weather showing us hail, rain and sunshine all in one day, it was so good to see her again and have a real catch up as she finished her program in August before I'd finished mine, as she is from Michigan and was on a 6 month CP program. So despite not having seen her since then it felt like we parted yesterday and it was all over too soon and I was once again saying Good Bye to a wonderful friend and two new friends, who knows when I will see them again, and at this point the question really is if I'll see them again. And that my friends is the worse thing about the summer program, the good byes, they really tear you up inside and although you know that planes and trains exist, you also know that your bank account has a limit and it may be a very long time until you can really catch up with your friends again...

Picture of Me, Paige, Ayla and Georg on Ayla's Birthday in Epcot 

I think I have been very lucky to manage to see 5 of my friends from the UK who I met through the ICP and 1 american friend since returning in September whilst struggling through my third year at uni and working so many other things in it's crazy. I simply don't know how I've done it, but one thing I do know, is that I wished I could've seen my friends more and stayed in better contact with them, but maybe when the workload disappears from the horizon it will be easier for me to do this, although I will be adding other friends into the mix no doubt after ICP 2012!

So the best thing about ICP = making the most amazing friends; the worst thing = Leaving them....

On another note, I had a dream last night about my arrival to WDW this summer and my work placement. I dreamt that I was placed on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin which is twinned with the Carousel of Progress in tomorrowland in MK. I'm not sure what made me dream of this, it's not specifically where I wanna be as I have requested the Haunted Mansion etc, but it would still be a pretty cool attraction to work on, and if I'm honest, my friend Heather worked on it last year and had a blast :) (bad pun I know).

Picture of Heather, Vikki, Collette, Ashleigh, Me and Zoe, on Collette and Ash's Birthday

So that's all for now, have a magical Sunday guys, and don't forget June 10th peoples, it's only 5 weeks!!!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

''Not in Nottingham''

Good evening friends, a tad late to post I know, but it's the start of a lovely weekend ahead. Later today I am meeting my friend Ayla from the ICP 2012 who is here on vacation with her sister and friend from Michigan :D I will be meeting up with them tomorrow and spending the evening and saturday with them making the most of the best of the british countryside :) fingers crossed for no rain...almost guaranteed though isn't it, it is still only May.... So I am so excited to see her again after it being so long since she finished her program (in August) and it is that long since I saw her, my how the time has gone fast!

Also, it is now only 38 days until ICP 2012 and I can't wait, so excited! EEEKK! Plus yesterday managed to receive 3 emails about the program :D 2 from yummy jobs and one from Disney recruitment, not much else going on in the news, other than attempting to revise, and failing, miserably.

Plus to those who leave on Sunday for the magical world of Disney, safe trip :) see you on the other side of the pond :D