Wednesday, 30 May 2012

10 days to go!!!!

Well hello there fellow ICPs :D this will no doubt be my last blog post of the marvellous month of May! It has been one crazy whirlwind of  a year and I cannot believe how fast it has gone and how quickly I will be leaving the UK once again! Scarily I figured out last week that the last time I went to see a movie at the cinema was in Fl last summer! That is just how crazy busy this year has been! And now I'm bored. Well only for another 10 days and then I'll be crazy busy and crazy tired non-stop until September 10th! Eeek, it doesn't feel real again despite having done the program last year and knowing what to expect kinda and having the ability to imagine things in my mind, it doesn't mean that any of it seems more real or like it will actually become reality in just over a week! The scariest thing I think is still that I have stuff to sort out before I go now! I know it will all work out and plans for travel are going ok we just need to get our heads and cash together so that we can actually book the tickets etc and make the dreams become a reality! You only live once right! Tell that to my bank account :P

What’s the one Disney movie that you can quote from memory?
Anyways, other than starting to panic and get worried about random things, I have also been sorting out the last few things and getting a hair cut. My hair hasn't changed much, it's a bit shorter to ensure that I don't die from the heat and still fits the Disney look, well I think it does :D. I also finally got a new swimming costume today, simple black with a pretty spotty tie, I quite like it :D and also I could not resist another pair of flip flops! Possibly a bad idea, but I know I'll live in them, so I consider it an investment rather than a waste! Also this week, being at home, is all about seeing my family and relaxing before the craziness commences. However I find that now that I have finally stopped running around like a headless chicken, I'm tired all the time! Apparently non-stop is possible but a give your brain a few days and it just stops working! Makes me kinda worried I'll forget all the stuff I tried to cram into it over the last year and I won't remember anything for my placement in September...I hope this isn't the case.

Well either way, it's time to go and find something else Disney related to do/see/listen to :D au revoir!

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