Friday, 11 May 2012

30 days....

So we're now at the 30 day count down stage, which in other words, means less than one month now! How fast time goes when you're trying tor revise for exams and finish up a year of uni. So this week has gone pretty fast, I can't believe it's been a week since I saw Ayla and her friend and sister in the Peak District! Time is just flying by and it's so sad how quickly you have to say good bye all over again. Well, on with the show, this week has been a week of people trying to find out where they will be working at Disney and quite a few people appear to be in Epcot, but there is now suspicion that this is all lies and we won't find out until arrival. Disney do like surprises!

In other news, I also found out that I get to keep my perner number :D yay no new numbers for me to learn this year! So in disney a perner number is your ID number, basically your number to clock in and out etc...all I know is I kept forgetting mine last year and had to check my ID card a lot, but this means that I will keep my number, which typically I can now remember and hopefully never forget how to get into work/hub :D

Also filtering through facebook of late has been the pictures and statuses of the lucky May 6th people, it seems like they are having a great time, and much better weather than in the UK I might add. So far I know that one friend I know is working at the Polynesian, near MK. The Polynesian is my favourite resort, it is a deluxe resort and it has great theming and you can also watch wishes from the man-made beach that they have there, we did that last year, in fact we watched the July 4th fireworks from that beach! I prefer that resort even to the Grand Floridian, boo hiss if you don't agree, but the Grand Floridian is beautiful and immaculate and wonderfully themed but the Polynesian just has the extra jazz for me :) it's true that you can see MK from both resorts and that the Grand Floridian has a wedding pavillion, so I'll leave you to make up your own minds about it... In the defence of the Floridian it has 1900 Park Fayre, a character dining restaurant where myself and 2 of my friends had a late breakfast last year! It was epic! It has the typical British characters (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, Alice) and you get the most amazing breakfast, it was just amazing, plus it's nice and conveniently close to MK to hop into the park after a very satisfying breakfast. I preferred my character meal there moreso than in the Crystal Palace in MK. But on the list for this year is Cinderella's Royal table, more pricey, no question, but I've only heard good things :D

Right, on that note, I will leave you to your dreams..

''all you need is faith, hope and trust. oh and something I forgot. dust....yup, just a little bit of pixie dust....''

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