Tuesday, 8 May 2012

''Giving up is for rookies''

And so the famous quote goes, but I sure do feel like giving up with this revision right now! There seems to be no end to it although there is a big mickey mouse shaped light at the end of this long long tunnel. It is now 33 days until I get to hop across the pond for fun in the sun, but until then I must stay in the UK and revise for 3 exams which are looming and seem to be very difficult from my point of view....

To add insult to injury the May 6th people are out there right now in the sunshine and last night enjoyed an I/CP exclusive party at Typhoon Lagoon, I'm sure it was an amazing night and hope they all had a great time, but it just means I want to be there and not here more than ever. I'm afraid this post has just turned into a big complain about life but I guess I'm still very lucky to be going to Disney World at all and I should make the most of being in a country where I don't melt when I step foot outside the door, even though it can be cold and rains all day in comparison to 10 minute down pours....

Righto, off I must go, back to the realities of the world, TTFN!

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