Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Two exams down, one to go.

Good evening fabulous people, today marks the end of my second exam of third year and potentially that means only 2 more exams until they hand me a degree...the fools :P well the exams so far have neither been great nor awful, one was a bit of a joke but I hope that they went ok, they seemed to go ok, so I'm hoping my gut feeling is true and I haven't exactly fell flat on my face with my answers, but obviously with the whole ICP situation I must pass to ensure that retakes and flights back to the UK are not needed...

 So onto revision for my final exam on Thursday now and that means another step closer to getting back to the happiest place on earth! The ICPs who are already there are posting some wonderful pictures and are giving me a good incentive to make sure that exams go as best as I can make them! Obviously having a magic wand would be wonderful, or even a fairy godmother, that too would be an awesome way to solve all of my academic and in fact, all other, problems!

In other news I still have a million and one things to do before the next 19 days are up! This includes getting more clothes, sun screen and finding my internet cable, which I appear to have misplaced, I hope it's not a complete loss, I need that thing! I hate to lose things! Oh well, maybe I'll find it chilling at home when I get there on Sunday. Also, I have been watching Disney movies whilst revising and this has picked my mood up no end, I've got through pretty much all of the ones I have copies of here at uni, and it includes such classics as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. A disney pick me up always lightens the days!

The last two days have also give us a little taste of the glorious sunshine, and what it actually is! I've had to get out the sun screen and sun glasses, but I'm not complaining, sure beats rain any day of the week! The sun also reminds me of Florida, just because every day is pretty much a sunny one, despite the down pours there is almost no day where the sun doesn't shine for at least a few hours! And we all know how much happier it makes you just to know and see that the sun exists!

Anyways, off to catch some z's soon, ta ra. Have a magical day!

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