Friday, 25 May 2012

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So today I am one happy girl! I am all done with exams, hopefully until a year from now, but if not at least until retakes...and fingers crossed they all went ok-ish, not well but hopefully well enough for me to have passed. You know you've lost all of your competitiveness and drive when your sole aim for all exams is just a pass because you know aiming higher is pretty we're hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst. However now is so not the time to be worrying about them, results will not be out until July and I have lots of things to do before then! After we finished our exams yesterday my course mates and I went out for a spot of lunch at slug and lettuce and milled around in the beautiful sunshine in beautiful Chester! After this it was difficult to remember that I had actually finished my 3rd year of uni and for the first time since September I am free!
 Another exciting part of having finished exams also means that today I got to head to Liverpool for another little Disney meet up. There were only about 8/9 of us all in all but it was a good day, sat out in the sunshine at Liverpool one :D It was great to see some familiar faces and have a chance to catch up and just discuss Disney non-stop all day! Which for me is great when a lot of people I know don't know too much about Disney or they just don't care in the same way I do! We spent all afternoon there just chilling and chatting and the time flew by! Then we had to make it back to Chester but the trains were cancelled to Chester, which was so irritating but we had our own heroine today in the form of Rachel who helped us get back to Chester before Friday was out :D and here I am just updating this blog now, so all in all a very lovely day for celebrating finishing exams and third year!

On another excitable note, it is now 16 days until the summer officially starts and once again I become a Disney cast member! I am so excited now and cannot wait, but just like last year, it still doesn't seem real or that it will really happen, although I know it will! Righto I'm off now, sleepy, well kinda :) have a magical day everyone!

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