Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Is it June 10th yet?

So with 25 days to go I'm going a little stir crazy. Spending all my time in my room revising, with breaks to go buy food and lectures up until yesterday. Uni really does ruin your life some times! I just can't wait for it to be over now and yet at the same time when I've done the exams I know there will be no more I can do to them and so if I've failed, that's it, my fate is sealed, an early plane home and resits in August... which I seriously hope I don't have to do, I will be devastated! Yet the closer the exams loom the more likely this reality is seeming and the less positive I am about the whole outcome of this. As much as I can't wait to get back to WDW and resume my ICP life, it some times makes me wonder if I should really be doing it because of the extra pressure to pass it puts on me, especially as I have to pass to continue into my placement year and if I hope to finish this degree at some point...

However in the midst of despair, myself and my house mate have begun our planning for post ICP travelling. That is providing we pass the exams and manage to stay in the US... so keep all of your fingers, toes, arms whatever else, for us please! In our plans at the moment include South Carolina, to see one of my friends doing a year abrorad there, then onto Washington DC and the NY, finishing off the trip back in Florida as that's where we will be flying from to get back to the UK. So those plans make me really excited and motivated to pass these exams, but I wish it was as simple as long as you have motivation you get to pass, because I'm just not sure why unis are so evil to third year students! I have also been listening to disney music, radio etc to keep me positive, we shall see the impact next thursday afternoon when it's all over!

Well that perhaps is enough complaining for one day, sorry I'm not very upbeat at the moment, but it's been a while since I blogged and felt a new blog needed to happen so even though this blog is quite boring and doesn't really tell you much, it exists, and will remain to do so. :)

Right, well I hope everyone else is super positive and looking forward to the remaining 25 days we have in the UK.


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