Thursday, 3 May 2012

''Not in Nottingham''

Good evening friends, a tad late to post I know, but it's the start of a lovely weekend ahead. Later today I am meeting my friend Ayla from the ICP 2012 who is here on vacation with her sister and friend from Michigan :D I will be meeting up with them tomorrow and spending the evening and saturday with them making the most of the best of the british countryside :) fingers crossed for no rain...almost guaranteed though isn't it, it is still only May.... So I am so excited to see her again after it being so long since she finished her program (in August) and it is that long since I saw her, my how the time has gone fast!

Also, it is now only 38 days until ICP 2012 and I can't wait, so excited! EEEKK! Plus yesterday managed to receive 3 emails about the program :D 2 from yummy jobs and one from Disney recruitment, not much else going on in the news, other than attempting to revise, and failing, miserably.

Plus to those who leave on Sunday for the magical world of Disney, safe trip :) see you on the other side of the pond :D

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