Friday, 18 May 2012

So many groups, so little time...

Well hello there, it's Friday night and once again I have been living an exceptionally exciting life and spent the evening revising for my exams next week! I am getting pretty nervous about them now, they're so close, so real, and despite revision making me want to run away, and being so sick of seeing and re-reading the same thing over and over, I am not prepared for them! So we shall see, I do have the consolation that this time next week I will be free!!! And that means that I finally get to plan my travel plans for after the ICP, more about that next week, when plans take shape!

In relation to this posts title, there has been yet another college program group created on fb this week, I think I may be part of 4 or 5 now and it's a little crazy, new notifications all the time, I just don't have time to read all of the posts and really see what's going on. It's a good idea, great to meet and get to know new people :D but still wish I had more free time I think! :D Anyway, on with my blog....

                               I got to see this every single day of my program....:D

So, I promised to tell you all about the best bits from my programme right... so I'll pick one from work and one from social times and give them a bit of credit! The ICP is like no other experience you will ever have! So, let's start with my favourite moment at work, hmm, this has to be when I was actually outside the box, directing traffic and managing the people, my boss didn't think I would be able to do it, but I did! And it also meant that I could actually have conversations with guests about their days and what their plans were, unless they'd had a bad day, and then I got the front of it. But on the whole the times spent outside were by far the best, actually this also includes the time I spent on elevator line for the usher role, helping guests with disabilities get into the theatre via out elevator :D

For my favourite non-work moment, I've decided I have to pick two. Number one was dancing with Tigger and having the most amazing breakfast ever at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian with my friends Ashleigh and Heather. The other moment I choose, (these are not in order, in case you were wondering) was the whole entire graduation day! It was amazing! No words can fully describe that day. We started out early and attempted all 4 parks in one day (we failed due to graduation taking up like 3 hours) we managed 3 in the end, had lunch at epcot and then went back to Chatham to get ready for graduation. It was a big party, we got our grad mickey ears, certificates, freebies, food and dancing and so much fun. In true florida style we also got a major rain storm to top it off! We ended the night over at MK with fireworks and a MK bakery moment (one of our favourite haunts!). Thinking about it now just makes me smile :D

On that happy note, good night friends :D

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