Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wanna know the worst thing about the ICP?

Well I'm afraid I must start this post in a kinda melancholy way and for that I'm sorry, especially for the excited May 6th people onboard planes right about now... So I have had a wonderful few days catching up with one of my friends from ICP 2011 Ayla, who is currently backpacking across Europe and made a stop in the UK where I met her and her travel companions to take a light stroll (8 miles) down the Dovedale trail and through the countryside.

It was a wonderful time, despite the wonderful english weather showing us hail, rain and sunshine all in one day, it was so good to see her again and have a real catch up as she finished her program in August before I'd finished mine, as she is from Michigan and was on a 6 month CP program. So despite not having seen her since then it felt like we parted yesterday and it was all over too soon and I was once again saying Good Bye to a wonderful friend and two new friends, who knows when I will see them again, and at this point the question really is if I'll see them again. And that my friends is the worse thing about the summer program, the good byes, they really tear you up inside and although you know that planes and trains exist, you also know that your bank account has a limit and it may be a very long time until you can really catch up with your friends again...

Picture of Me, Paige, Ayla and Georg on Ayla's Birthday in Epcot 

I think I have been very lucky to manage to see 5 of my friends from the UK who I met through the ICP and 1 american friend since returning in September whilst struggling through my third year at uni and working so many other things in it's crazy. I simply don't know how I've done it, but one thing I do know, is that I wished I could've seen my friends more and stayed in better contact with them, but maybe when the workload disappears from the horizon it will be easier for me to do this, although I will be adding other friends into the mix no doubt after ICP 2012!

So the best thing about ICP = making the most amazing friends; the worst thing = Leaving them....

On another note, I had a dream last night about my arrival to WDW this summer and my work placement. I dreamt that I was placed on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin which is twinned with the Carousel of Progress in tomorrowland in MK. I'm not sure what made me dream of this, it's not specifically where I wanna be as I have requested the Haunted Mansion etc, but it would still be a pretty cool attraction to work on, and if I'm honest, my friend Heather worked on it last year and had a blast :) (bad pun I know).

Picture of Heather, Vikki, Collette, Ashleigh, Me and Zoe, on Collette and Ash's Birthday

So that's all for now, have a magical Sunday guys, and don't forget June 10th peoples, it's only 5 weeks!!!

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