Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tropical storm Debbie is ruining my life...

well kinda. but not really. Yeah I was being kinda dramatic there, but one thing for sure is that Debbie is stealing florida's reputation as the sunshine state, because today and the last 3 days it has rained almost non-stop, and not a little bit of rain, a lot of rain.

Saturday was my day off and on that day I went to Epcot with Manisha and was joined by Alix, Eildh and Sarah throughout the day as their shifts finished. We got pretty much everything we wanted to do done and saw the fireworks and me and Sarah got our taste of alcohol for the first time since getting here. Frozen margaritas in Mexico taste as good as they look, or at least they do if you have the fiesta one (mix of mango, lime and strawberry), Sarah didn't like the strawberry on its own and I wouldn't recommend it, but the fiesta is soo good :D. Sunday was the beginning of the crazy rain, it rained all day and myself and Charlie and Alix braved the rain and headed to MK, which was nice and quiet so we got a lot done, unfortunately we got rained on, a lot, and were soaked pretty much the whole time, I wore jeans to be warm - bad idea - denim does not dry out! Either way it was fun and we even got to see the rainy day parade which was awesome as all the times I've been here I've never seen it! It's not as good as the real parade but it's cute all the same. After we dried off a bit we went over to cici's for a cheap buffet dinner and much chatting to catch up. Overall a very good weekend off :D

My schedule also came out though, telling me that I only have one day off next week :( and I'm working 41 hrs... it'll be ok, I hope. I have a PAC shift on the 3rd of July for the fireworks, hoping for the best... However my first day without a trainer was yesterday and it went pretty well, no major mishaps, however there was multiple rotations on stroller parking, which didn't make me happy and then I got stuck in the tiki theater for 2 hrs which is a bit crazy really, which meant that I closed the theater yesterday. But overall I think I'm going to enjoy this job, despite the constant rain at the moment and the need to be surgically attached to your rain gear...  anyways, off to work again soon, for another day without a trainer, TTFN...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday is my Friday....

So I had tuesday and wednesday off to do with whatever I pleased. So of course I made use of my park access and went to Animal Kingdom on Tuesday and Epcot on Wednesday. In AK, we did Dinosaur, broke down on Chester and Hesters dinorama, spinning ride thing, which was not working the whole of my last program. So a bit of a let down there, we even got evac-ed from it. So now my total evac is once from the carousel of progress (last program) and once from that! lol. We also went on expedition everest and the lion king show. Overall a very fun day :D followed by meeting some other friends which ran into a late-ish night visit to steak n shake and monopoly card game!

Wednesday was also the breakfast with the characters welcome event. There was free breakfast food and a picture with mickey mouse and minnie in their pjs. This was followed by a visit to epcot, going on spaceship earth, living with the land, finding nemo, the highland games (from Brave) and meeting Alice, Daisy Duck and Stitch. Then we got rained off and it didn't stop raining forever, so some more evening inside activities and a relatively early night (12.30am) before my final day of training.

My final day of training involved rotation around all positions, going over some reading and trying to remember the spiels needed for the tiki room. With practice I was starting to remember them without the script but had it close at hand. My trainer suggested I needed to shout louder so I'm working on projecting my voice :) Then today was my assessment, it was fine. It sounds more intimidating than it was, much less intimidating than last years assessment at least. It involved lots of questions about the background of my attractions, how to safely use them, stop them and manage them in whatever conditions. There was also a multi-choice test paper to complete and a chat with the manager before I had officially 'earned my ears' and was a real CM once again! Now all passed it was out to rotation for 1 hour and 45 mins, however after first rotation was about 10 minutes in it began raining and we went down for the storm and remained so until I got bumped out to leave. So that was my assessment. Now for 2 more days off, not sure either, but my friday really is a friday this time at least. Weird I know. But till next time, a bientot!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Rebel spy...

So traditions was good, got my new name badge all shiny and telling the world that I'm from Chester and not not my home town, oops, well it is kinda true I have lived there for 3 years now... anyways I got my new badge but because it was an afternoon class we finished so late, so we got changed and headed straight over to MK, got dinner first, because we were all so hungry at cosmic rays. Then we went for space mountain, buzz ride (I got my first 999999 score!!) then a spot of MK dance party, parade, fireworks, the magic, the memories and you and finishing up with pirates of the carribean and big thunder mountain! Such a good night even though we didn't make it to fantasyland. The next day I was off and headed to DHS with a group of people, was a fun day, we did tower of terror, rocknroller coaster, star tours (I was the rebel spy this day!! Of all the times I have ridden this attraction!) and indiana jones stunt show as well as the parade. This was followed by a lovely dinner and chatter with some friends I made last year complete with some new faces to get to know, resulting in a very deformed looking penguin...

Friday held my orientation at MK, lots of walking around, rode a few attractions and was basically told all about the whole park and random facts. Not a bad start to paid work at WDW. Second day involved a PAC costume, some computer work and a few more attractions, backstage in areas and a ride on the river boat in the captains deck! Feel so privileged to be an MK CM. Then the next day was my day 1 of training at ATT (Aladdin, Tiki, treehouse) in adventureland. This day was focused on how the magic carpets works and how to keep it safe, this was followed by tiki room training today. I didn't realise there was such a long spiel to learn for it, but I had guests telling me I did well so I was pleased and overall I had fun.

In the evenings of these long long days I also managed a reunion trip to DTD with Heather and her universal friends, a wander around the premium outlets and a trip to boardwalk last night complete with mint choc chip ice cream. So although I may feel really tired right now I can say that I have had a really good week and am looking forward to working my attractions once I have the hang of them :D

Tomorrow and the next day I'm off work so we shall see what they hold :) hopefully more magical moment (like being talked to by Flynn Ryder from a parade float whilst in full costume including nametag) magic really does exist in this place!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm home...

Well here I am, back in good old vista way, a different apartment and different room mates of course, but back where I was last year, so many memories flooding back reliving all that happened last time, trying so hard not to compare. So far however things have been more different than I remember, Disney shaking it up a bit :D

So the flight was good, despite a delayed take off, we made loads of time and arrived ahead of schedule, got through customs pretty quickly really, only 1 hour and no extra interview...always good. Then the shuttle over to vista was much better, no getting lost and no 2 hour journey! After this check in was completed, a short video and talk followed by an alumni pin and room allocation. Then quickly flinging all my clothes and things out of the case it was off to walmart to try to shop! Walmart was as always crazy butt ok. However to welcome us to sunny florida there was a massive thunder and lightening storm whilst we were there, with sounds that sounded like gun shots....either way it did not stop raining for a while...then to bed. I'd been up a long time, but not as long as last year, didn't make the 24 hour mark!

Yesterday was orientation day 1, which involved a bus ride and talk at the commons, housing check in and random pirate of the carribean rave music..lol so funny, but smily sarah was there once again to welcome us to disneyworld. Following this, it was back to vista before heading to downtown for some dinner. I can already check off one thing from my bucket list, we ate at paradiso 37, and it was really nice, sat outside with live music and fireworks in the background :) perfect way to end the evening and DTD, forgot how much I loved the live music there :D

Today so far has yielded an early start over at the commons for a lovely immigration talk and lots of paper work completions, however I got away with not filling out the social security form as I already have mine :D big big smiles here! After this back to vista for a spot of lunch and pool time, trying so hard not to burn, but thinking my prevention techniques are futile....then off to the 'round robin' as they called it on my schedule, where we got pay cards, and found out roughly where we will be working. I'm in MK on frontierland/liberty square attractions, which could be anything, but it could be my request....not holding out much hope really but it would be awesome! Anyways this evening holds pizza and fun times before my 2pm traditions class tomorrow. I so wanted the 8am, but at least this means I can skype home and have a lie in :D then after that it will be time to head to MK for the first time in about 9 months! Excited much! :D

Have a magical day everyone :D

Monday, 4 June 2012

Wastin' time

Bonjour, and welcome to a procrastination blog! I am sat here thinking about the past and the future ICP and wondering what lies ahead of me and how it will compare to my last program. Perhaps I shouldn't do this and experience everything through a new pair of eyes as it were. But as it is there appears to be no way around it.
I hate goodbyes, it matters not how long I have known you, but I hate saying goodbye and I can get pretty emotional. As you guessed I've known my family for a long time and hate to say goodbye to them even knowing how long the time of separation will be and I have a feeling that this year it's going to be even harder as my family aren't coming to visit part way through my program, although every time they left me whilst they were on vacation it broke my heart. Drama queen you say? I think not, I just love my family and my friends and probably some of you lot by the end of the program too :) be nice to me and I'll be your friend and this means I love you, in a lovely friend way of course :).

Anyways from the emotional descriptions I have possibly scared you all? Well don't worry I'll try my best to keep it together on Sunday, I'll try my best, but if everyone else cries I will join in... either way that doesn't mean I'm not excited, because I am, so excited! I cannot wait for Sunday now, the June 5thers heading over tomorrow I wish great luck and safe travels and hope to see them when we all get there on Sunday :D but there move tomorrow is making me want to go now! I suppose, good things come to those who wait, or so they say.

With all that said, I'll leave you with this musical master piece from Tyler Ward, a musician who I happen to like his music which kinda fits the bill for the time being :)

Have a magical day....

Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's the month of the mouse - June time

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a disney kinda day and it is now just a few hours over a week until I get to start summer 2012 officially and I am so ready and so excited! However the plans I have for the coming week are a bit crazy, I have packed so much stuff into the next week I think I'll be sleeping on the plane (just kidding, who needs sleep right?). So we have a visit from one of my fab 5 from summer 2011 possibly meeting me on wednesday :) and also lots of other friends to see and say goodbye to :( this is so sad because some of them I may not see for a very long time as they are graduating and even though I'll remain in Chester (well kinda) they won't be there, uni will be so weird with half of my friends gone and being all grown up :/. Oh well I get to go and revel in my youth and work for the mouse in one weeks time! So now it's June. June has arrived, which is super exciting, but I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how quickly the goodbyes come around once again. Today the real goodbyes started with my grandma, it always breaks my heart to say bye to her, but as she said, how fast time is going I'll see her in no time, and she's quite right, despite wanting the summer to never end (standard) it will fly by and we'll all be back to the mundane UK come September....but that's enough of the future talk for now. We have to live for the here and now right. You only live once!
In other news, the travel plans for post-ICP are taking shape. We have now decided mainly what we're going to do in each place and the main places we need to go, i.e. statue of liberty, central park, empire state, times square etc and hopefully all the booking will take place on tuesday or wednesday so that we're sure that it is really going to happen this time! I had a great mini stay-cation in disney last year, but this time I do feel like I should break out of the box and really explore some more of the real US! So perfect plan to hit 4 states (including Fl) in 9 days. Crazy you say, yes I think I am, as the Cheshire cat says ''we're all crazy around here''...
Right that's perhaps enough of my random weirdness for now, enjoy your long long weekend everyone and good luck to all you lucky June 5thers heading out on Tuesday! Have a blast and a safe flight :), see ya all real soon :D