Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday is my Friday....

So I had tuesday and wednesday off to do with whatever I pleased. So of course I made use of my park access and went to Animal Kingdom on Tuesday and Epcot on Wednesday. In AK, we did Dinosaur, broke down on Chester and Hesters dinorama, spinning ride thing, which was not working the whole of my last program. So a bit of a let down there, we even got evac-ed from it. So now my total evac is once from the carousel of progress (last program) and once from that! lol. We also went on expedition everest and the lion king show. Overall a very fun day :D followed by meeting some other friends which ran into a late-ish night visit to steak n shake and monopoly card game!

Wednesday was also the breakfast with the characters welcome event. There was free breakfast food and a picture with mickey mouse and minnie in their pjs. This was followed by a visit to epcot, going on spaceship earth, living with the land, finding nemo, the highland games (from Brave) and meeting Alice, Daisy Duck and Stitch. Then we got rained off and it didn't stop raining forever, so some more evening inside activities and a relatively early night (12.30am) before my final day of training.

My final day of training involved rotation around all positions, going over some reading and trying to remember the spiels needed for the tiki room. With practice I was starting to remember them without the script but had it close at hand. My trainer suggested I needed to shout louder so I'm working on projecting my voice :) Then today was my assessment, it was fine. It sounds more intimidating than it was, much less intimidating than last years assessment at least. It involved lots of questions about the background of my attractions, how to safely use them, stop them and manage them in whatever conditions. There was also a multi-choice test paper to complete and a chat with the manager before I had officially 'earned my ears' and was a real CM once again! Now all passed it was out to rotation for 1 hour and 45 mins, however after first rotation was about 10 minutes in it began raining and we went down for the storm and remained so until I got bumped out to leave. So that was my assessment. Now for 2 more days off, not sure either, but my friday really is a friday this time at least. Weird I know. But till next time, a bientot!

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