Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm home...

Well here I am, back in good old vista way, a different apartment and different room mates of course, but back where I was last year, so many memories flooding back reliving all that happened last time, trying so hard not to compare. So far however things have been more different than I remember, Disney shaking it up a bit :D

So the flight was good, despite a delayed take off, we made loads of time and arrived ahead of schedule, got through customs pretty quickly really, only 1 hour and no extra interview...always good. Then the shuttle over to vista was much better, no getting lost and no 2 hour journey! After this check in was completed, a short video and talk followed by an alumni pin and room allocation. Then quickly flinging all my clothes and things out of the case it was off to walmart to try to shop! Walmart was as always crazy butt ok. However to welcome us to sunny florida there was a massive thunder and lightening storm whilst we were there, with sounds that sounded like gun shots....either way it did not stop raining for a while...then to bed. I'd been up a long time, but not as long as last year, didn't make the 24 hour mark!

Yesterday was orientation day 1, which involved a bus ride and talk at the commons, housing check in and random pirate of the carribean rave music..lol so funny, but smily sarah was there once again to welcome us to disneyworld. Following this, it was back to vista before heading to downtown for some dinner. I can already check off one thing from my bucket list, we ate at paradiso 37, and it was really nice, sat outside with live music and fireworks in the background :) perfect way to end the evening and DTD, forgot how much I loved the live music there :D

Today so far has yielded an early start over at the commons for a lovely immigration talk and lots of paper work completions, however I got away with not filling out the social security form as I already have mine :D big big smiles here! After this back to vista for a spot of lunch and pool time, trying so hard not to burn, but thinking my prevention techniques are futile....then off to the 'round robin' as they called it on my schedule, where we got pay cards, and found out roughly where we will be working. I'm in MK on frontierland/liberty square attractions, which could be anything, but it could be my request....not holding out much hope really but it would be awesome! Anyways this evening holds pizza and fun times before my 2pm traditions class tomorrow. I so wanted the 8am, but at least this means I can skype home and have a lie in :D then after that it will be time to head to MK for the first time in about 9 months! Excited much! :D

Have a magical day everyone :D

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