Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's the month of the mouse - June time

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a disney kinda day and it is now just a few hours over a week until I get to start summer 2012 officially and I am so ready and so excited! However the plans I have for the coming week are a bit crazy, I have packed so much stuff into the next week I think I'll be sleeping on the plane (just kidding, who needs sleep right?). So we have a visit from one of my fab 5 from summer 2011 possibly meeting me on wednesday :) and also lots of other friends to see and say goodbye to :( this is so sad because some of them I may not see for a very long time as they are graduating and even though I'll remain in Chester (well kinda) they won't be there, uni will be so weird with half of my friends gone and being all grown up :/. Oh well I get to go and revel in my youth and work for the mouse in one weeks time! So now it's June. June has arrived, which is super exciting, but I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how quickly the goodbyes come around once again. Today the real goodbyes started with my grandma, it always breaks my heart to say bye to her, but as she said, how fast time is going I'll see her in no time, and she's quite right, despite wanting the summer to never end (standard) it will fly by and we'll all be back to the mundane UK come September....but that's enough of the future talk for now. We have to live for the here and now right. You only live once!
In other news, the travel plans for post-ICP are taking shape. We have now decided mainly what we're going to do in each place and the main places we need to go, i.e. statue of liberty, central park, empire state, times square etc and hopefully all the booking will take place on tuesday or wednesday so that we're sure that it is really going to happen this time! I had a great mini stay-cation in disney last year, but this time I do feel like I should break out of the box and really explore some more of the real US! So perfect plan to hit 4 states (including Fl) in 9 days. Crazy you say, yes I think I am, as the Cheshire cat says ''we're all crazy around here''...
Right that's perhaps enough of my random weirdness for now, enjoy your long long weekend everyone and good luck to all you lucky June 5thers heading out on Tuesday! Have a blast and a safe flight :), see ya all real soon :D

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