Monday, 18 June 2012

Rebel spy...

So traditions was good, got my new name badge all shiny and telling the world that I'm from Chester and not not my home town, oops, well it is kinda true I have lived there for 3 years now... anyways I got my new badge but because it was an afternoon class we finished so late, so we got changed and headed straight over to MK, got dinner first, because we were all so hungry at cosmic rays. Then we went for space mountain, buzz ride (I got my first 999999 score!!) then a spot of MK dance party, parade, fireworks, the magic, the memories and you and finishing up with pirates of the carribean and big thunder mountain! Such a good night even though we didn't make it to fantasyland. The next day I was off and headed to DHS with a group of people, was a fun day, we did tower of terror, rocknroller coaster, star tours (I was the rebel spy this day!! Of all the times I have ridden this attraction!) and indiana jones stunt show as well as the parade. This was followed by a lovely dinner and chatter with some friends I made last year complete with some new faces to get to know, resulting in a very deformed looking penguin...

Friday held my orientation at MK, lots of walking around, rode a few attractions and was basically told all about the whole park and random facts. Not a bad start to paid work at WDW. Second day involved a PAC costume, some computer work and a few more attractions, backstage in areas and a ride on the river boat in the captains deck! Feel so privileged to be an MK CM. Then the next day was my day 1 of training at ATT (Aladdin, Tiki, treehouse) in adventureland. This day was focused on how the magic carpets works and how to keep it safe, this was followed by tiki room training today. I didn't realise there was such a long spiel to learn for it, but I had guests telling me I did well so I was pleased and overall I had fun.

In the evenings of these long long days I also managed a reunion trip to DTD with Heather and her universal friends, a wander around the premium outlets and a trip to boardwalk last night complete with mint choc chip ice cream. So although I may feel really tired right now I can say that I have had a really good week and am looking forward to working my attractions once I have the hang of them :D

Tomorrow and the next day I'm off work so we shall see what they hold :) hopefully more magical moment (like being talked to by Flynn Ryder from a parade float whilst in full costume including nametag) magic really does exist in this place!

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