Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tropical storm Debbie is ruining my life...

well kinda. but not really. Yeah I was being kinda dramatic there, but one thing for sure is that Debbie is stealing florida's reputation as the sunshine state, because today and the last 3 days it has rained almost non-stop, and not a little bit of rain, a lot of rain.

Saturday was my day off and on that day I went to Epcot with Manisha and was joined by Alix, Eildh and Sarah throughout the day as their shifts finished. We got pretty much everything we wanted to do done and saw the fireworks and me and Sarah got our taste of alcohol for the first time since getting here. Frozen margaritas in Mexico taste as good as they look, or at least they do if you have the fiesta one (mix of mango, lime and strawberry), Sarah didn't like the strawberry on its own and I wouldn't recommend it, but the fiesta is soo good :D. Sunday was the beginning of the crazy rain, it rained all day and myself and Charlie and Alix braved the rain and headed to MK, which was nice and quiet so we got a lot done, unfortunately we got rained on, a lot, and were soaked pretty much the whole time, I wore jeans to be warm - bad idea - denim does not dry out! Either way it was fun and we even got to see the rainy day parade which was awesome as all the times I've been here I've never seen it! It's not as good as the real parade but it's cute all the same. After we dried off a bit we went over to cici's for a cheap buffet dinner and much chatting to catch up. Overall a very good weekend off :D

My schedule also came out though, telling me that I only have one day off next week :( and I'm working 41 hrs... it'll be ok, I hope. I have a PAC shift on the 3rd of July for the fireworks, hoping for the best... However my first day without a trainer was yesterday and it went pretty well, no major mishaps, however there was multiple rotations on stroller parking, which didn't make me happy and then I got stuck in the tiki theater for 2 hrs which is a bit crazy really, which meant that I closed the theater yesterday. But overall I think I'm going to enjoy this job, despite the constant rain at the moment and the need to be surgically attached to your rain gear...  anyways, off to work again soon, for another day without a trainer, TTFN...

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