Monday, 4 June 2012

Wastin' time

Bonjour, and welcome to a procrastination blog! I am sat here thinking about the past and the future ICP and wondering what lies ahead of me and how it will compare to my last program. Perhaps I shouldn't do this and experience everything through a new pair of eyes as it were. But as it is there appears to be no way around it.
I hate goodbyes, it matters not how long I have known you, but I hate saying goodbye and I can get pretty emotional. As you guessed I've known my family for a long time and hate to say goodbye to them even knowing how long the time of separation will be and I have a feeling that this year it's going to be even harder as my family aren't coming to visit part way through my program, although every time they left me whilst they were on vacation it broke my heart. Drama queen you say? I think not, I just love my family and my friends and probably some of you lot by the end of the program too :) be nice to me and I'll be your friend and this means I love you, in a lovely friend way of course :).

Anyways from the emotional descriptions I have possibly scared you all? Well don't worry I'll try my best to keep it together on Sunday, I'll try my best, but if everyone else cries I will join in... either way that doesn't mean I'm not excited, because I am, so excited! I cannot wait for Sunday now, the June 5thers heading over tomorrow I wish great luck and safe travels and hope to see them when we all get there on Sunday :D but there move tomorrow is making me want to go now! I suppose, good things come to those who wait, or so they say.

With all that said, I'll leave you with this musical master piece from Tyler Ward, a musician who I happen to like his music which kinda fits the bill for the time being :)

Have a magical day....

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