Monday, 30 July 2012

A royal invitation

Hi there, well it's been a while once again, so here is another blog of the goings on of an ICP in 2012. So on the 21st I had my first opening shift, it was ok, but it was so humid so early that day it wasn't fun. The shift itself went ok and was pretty fast as it was only a 6 hr shift. Then I went to Epcot with Amy for the evening and to watch the fireworks, all in all pretty good, we did lots of the little attractions and started to tour the world too. Sunday held a trip to church followed by lunch at millenia mall which was fun, after this in the evening I went with Alix to MK, we did lots and lots of attractions, finally did the astro orbiter and rode the original dumbo ride after playing in the play area of course, getting stuck on the slides etc, way too much fun. We heard wishes but didn't watch them. Then monday was back to work, followed by a movie (Shaun of the Dead) at the guys apartment for James' birthday, was weird as I got confused as to which movie I was actually watching, but it was chilled so that was good. This was followed by my first trip to a wawa, which my american friends have been going crazy over it, but I wasn't too impressed, yeah it was good but they made it out to be epic... oh well, I went once lol. Then on Tuesday a later shift was followed by a trip to ale house, which I didn't take any money or ID (oops) so water it was. But it's so weird being back there after a year and being there with other people other than cirque people, so strange. Thursday was an early shift so was followed by a short trip to DHS with Alix and Charlotte, involving star tours and churros lol. Thursday also held my loosing multiple rock paper scissors games (8 I believe) against Kory at the dinner night, oh well. Friday was dinner time with Alix at applebee's, quite a long wait, but as I had so little food in it was good.

Saturday was the first of my 3 days off, went to DHS and DAK with Charlie, who leaves next week :(, we did all the things she wanted to do, lots of character spotting was involved and meeting eeyore and daisy duck were definitely the highlights of my day. Followed by a movie trip to see Batman and a visit to a friends new house. Sunday was one of the best days yet, we went to cinderellas royal table for Eilidhs 21st, followed by Epcot and the poylnesian for wishes, such a fun day, lots of pictures were taken and an amazing time had! :D

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Last Trip to Universal and other related articles

Hey there, well here is another exciting update for my blog, lol, just kidding, I'm just updating what's going on in my world right now. So it's been another long week and I am once again (as always) exhausted, but it's been worth it. So on monday before work me Charlie and Sarah went over to try out chic fil a, which I have only had a little of when it was free at work one day last year, it was ok, just chicken I guess, but it was food and it kept me full for work which is always good as I worked until 11.15pm. My EMH shift on sunday was painful because I was stuck with aladdin greeter position pretty much all night, which is the most boring position because you have to stand still for the whole time, so I was bored and tired, not a good mix... but ER was at 2.30am instead of 3am so I got home reasonably which was always good :D

Then tuesday was my first day off, it included the housing event, Christmas in July, which was weird but good, met some disney characters in christmas gear, got free drinks and pizza, met a random girl, played some games and then went over to DHS to hit some attractions. We got quite a bit done although it was pretty busy and the plan to character spot didn't go down too well, it was a good day, lots of fun. We ended it with dinner at the 50's prime time diner, which was another thing on my bucket list, this bucket list is going very well even if I do say so myself... It was good, but I expected more of a show I think, but the food was really good and I got a light up ice cube in my drink so I was happy! In the evening it was over to friends for more chatter and relaxing times.

Wednesday was a very early start with a 7.15am bus to the commons to get over to universal for about 9am.  We then had issues with the annual passes printing, the people I went with were buying there's. But when we finally got in, it was pretty busy, but we had two of the fast pass things to use, we used one for despicable me, which I finally got to go on! It was good, I liked it, was cute, I do love despicable me! However I still think the jimmy newtron attraction was better although not too many kids probably know who he is/was anymore, he was a bit outdated... but the birdy dance was such the best thing ever! who doesn't love that song lol. We also did Harry Potter world and the ride etc, we got frozen butter beer, which is a lot nicer than the non-frozen alternative. We also did the Beetlejuice show (one of my favs), twister, rip ride rockit (didn't lose a hair grip this time), Shrek 4D, Hulk, Doctor dooms fearfall, spiderman, the forbidden journey and dragon challenge. So a good day all in all, but a very long day, we were at the park for 12 hours!

Then it was back to work, very tired and not ready to start my day shifts, I'm already starting to look pretty pink after just two of them and I have them all week which is crazy! I'll survive somehow though! It'll be fine. Some guests are struggling with my accent at the moment too, today a woman had issues with the number 5 but usually it's just the word bird, so for the tiki room some people believe it's a bug or bear show, not a bird show, so they're in for a bit of a shock once they get inside...but all in all work is going well and I still like my role, it's a little tiresome, as there is not too much variation as you never make it through a whole rotation due to breaks, but it's fine. After work it was over to friends for dinner and to hang out, there was a reunion with a friend who'd been away on a mission trip to uganda for two weeks, and new faces to meet too as well as witch cakes...which were yummy, but not sure what they were. It was a good night and then today it was back to work again, for more sunbathing/burning lol, after which I met up with Alix, and we hit cast connection, for some foods, where a woman charged me for 4 pineapples instead of apples, who does that! What would I want with 4 pineapples, I'm only one person! Oh well, got my refund and was on my way. Tonight we then went to Cicis with Ami for some pizza, indulgence and chatter which was a nice end to the day. It's still not exactly late, but I'm tired and in work tomorrow at 7.45 so need to be up and ready super early, so ta ta for now!

Sunday, 15 July 2012


So the last week has been just a little bit crazy and I am exhausted, but it's been so worth it! Monday we went to MK before work for a few hours, but it was pretty bust so only got Stitch and Buzz lightyear. Then work was fine, this week though I have managed to go two whole days without going into the tiki room...pretty good going! Also I finished late monday night and then a couple of hours later got on a 4am bus to Miami. Yes I finally got to Miami, I can't say that I was that impressed, yes it has a beautiful beach, which was a lot of fun, but the main area was only ok, I think I was expecting more, but it was still a really good day, a relaxing day which was good considering how tired I was. Then had lunch at TGIs and my alcoholic milkshake which I'd been waiting for for a year, so again, two bucket list things in one day :D The trip back was pretty bad though, stuck in traffic for over an hour, a 4 hr trip took over 5 hrs...but then me and my friend Sarah went over to some friends apartment and we ended up playing video games and then a board game (which I lost epically) until like 2am, once again, I managed to be up for 24 hours! I don't advise it...the next day getting up was painful...but I did and went to DHS with Nat and Manisha for a couple of rides, was pretty busy though, then to voluntear at the Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee for a couple of hours, was so worthwhile, made me feel small and insignificant but in a good way, not bad way, but that I want to do more and wish I could make them all better at the flick of a wand... After this we went to the boardwalk for ice cream, mmm coffee flavoured ice cream :D and a wander around until I was almost falling asleep again...

The next day I had a fairly early shift, which was painful, considering how tired I was. It was good though and was followed by a yummy dinner with friends and a spot of grocery bingo, which I obviously didn't win...but I did win lots of bug bites :/ my legs are covered with the things...oh well, they'll heal up. Friday held a long awaited trip to walmart, long awaited because I didn't wanna go, but it had to be done, it wasn't exciting but it was successful. Then I worked till 2.45am (EMH) :( and tonight the same (until 3am, yay lol). Yesterday I went to work, did some washing, drank some english tea and yeah that's about it. Today I went to hang out with friends Mary Ann and Briana and we watched Music and Lyrics and relaxed, and now I'm just about ready to head out to work....but tomorrow is my friday and I'm ready :) big plans are in the making :) TTFN

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Universal and such things in July

Well hello there, welcome to July. I have survived my HUB/PAC shift on the 3rd of July, which had a massive storm over MK so the whole park went 101 for like an hour and a half, which for me meant just sitting hiding from the lightning :) easy pay. Since my last update I have managed to do a few bucket list items and planned new bucket list endeavors. I have eaten at Ihop which was amazing, but so so full at work after that so that was stressful lol because I just wanted to nap....oh well. Work is going pretty well, although I had to do my first e-stop when a guest jumped out of a carpet while they were in motion, but other wise a good week, with recognition for good team work with a four keys fanatic card :D and lots of good guest interaction and bubble blowing. I love my job sometimes :). Also we also had a morning before work at MK which was fun, but it was kinda busy so we didn't manage to do too much, nice though.

This week I also received my uni results, finally, late I know. But success, I didn't fail anything, I actually did pretty well, so no retakes, no early planes home and one happy Laura. So to celebrate I visited cast connection and got a phone cover and an autograph book :D for good prices :D so good day. Then on my day off (yesterday) I went to universal (both parks) with my friend from last year (who is working at universal) for the day, it was so good to see her, and we had lots of fun riding the rides and having a good catch up, one that was well overdue! I lost a hair grip on rip ride rockit, started feeling my age riding all the roller coasters, lol with back pain and headaches :( but we got food at the three broomsticks and I finally got my butter beer, which was so good, and cornish pasties which were weird, not like in England... but ok and they came with a good salad :D. Then in the evening it was off to DTD to see The Amazing Spider man with some amazing people, I really enjoyed it, but the screen kept we did get free tickets for next time, nice one AMC :D And now we are up to date I think, maybe, maybe not. I'm trying to keep on track here lol but I had a lot of hours this last week. Next week holds a trip to Miami at some point and some voluntearing at the give kids the world village, so lots of fun things planned, until then, a bientot!