Monday, 30 July 2012

A royal invitation

Hi there, well it's been a while once again, so here is another blog of the goings on of an ICP in 2012. So on the 21st I had my first opening shift, it was ok, but it was so humid so early that day it wasn't fun. The shift itself went ok and was pretty fast as it was only a 6 hr shift. Then I went to Epcot with Amy for the evening and to watch the fireworks, all in all pretty good, we did lots of the little attractions and started to tour the world too. Sunday held a trip to church followed by lunch at millenia mall which was fun, after this in the evening I went with Alix to MK, we did lots and lots of attractions, finally did the astro orbiter and rode the original dumbo ride after playing in the play area of course, getting stuck on the slides etc, way too much fun. We heard wishes but didn't watch them. Then monday was back to work, followed by a movie (Shaun of the Dead) at the guys apartment for James' birthday, was weird as I got confused as to which movie I was actually watching, but it was chilled so that was good. This was followed by my first trip to a wawa, which my american friends have been going crazy over it, but I wasn't too impressed, yeah it was good but they made it out to be epic... oh well, I went once lol. Then on Tuesday a later shift was followed by a trip to ale house, which I didn't take any money or ID (oops) so water it was. But it's so weird being back there after a year and being there with other people other than cirque people, so strange. Thursday was an early shift so was followed by a short trip to DHS with Alix and Charlotte, involving star tours and churros lol. Thursday also held my loosing multiple rock paper scissors games (8 I believe) against Kory at the dinner night, oh well. Friday was dinner time with Alix at applebee's, quite a long wait, but as I had so little food in it was good.

Saturday was the first of my 3 days off, went to DHS and DAK with Charlie, who leaves next week :(, we did all the things she wanted to do, lots of character spotting was involved and meeting eeyore and daisy duck were definitely the highlights of my day. Followed by a movie trip to see Batman and a visit to a friends new house. Sunday was one of the best days yet, we went to cinderellas royal table for Eilidhs 21st, followed by Epcot and the poylnesian for wishes, such a fun day, lots of pictures were taken and an amazing time had! :D

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