Sunday, 8 July 2012

Universal and such things in July

Well hello there, welcome to July. I have survived my HUB/PAC shift on the 3rd of July, which had a massive storm over MK so the whole park went 101 for like an hour and a half, which for me meant just sitting hiding from the lightning :) easy pay. Since my last update I have managed to do a few bucket list items and planned new bucket list endeavors. I have eaten at Ihop which was amazing, but so so full at work after that so that was stressful lol because I just wanted to nap....oh well. Work is going pretty well, although I had to do my first e-stop when a guest jumped out of a carpet while they were in motion, but other wise a good week, with recognition for good team work with a four keys fanatic card :D and lots of good guest interaction and bubble blowing. I love my job sometimes :). Also we also had a morning before work at MK which was fun, but it was kinda busy so we didn't manage to do too much, nice though.

This week I also received my uni results, finally, late I know. But success, I didn't fail anything, I actually did pretty well, so no retakes, no early planes home and one happy Laura. So to celebrate I visited cast connection and got a phone cover and an autograph book :D for good prices :D so good day. Then on my day off (yesterday) I went to universal (both parks) with my friend from last year (who is working at universal) for the day, it was so good to see her, and we had lots of fun riding the rides and having a good catch up, one that was well overdue! I lost a hair grip on rip ride rockit, started feeling my age riding all the roller coasters, lol with back pain and headaches :( but we got food at the three broomsticks and I finally got my butter beer, which was so good, and cornish pasties which were weird, not like in England... but ok and they came with a good salad :D. Then in the evening it was off to DTD to see The Amazing Spider man with some amazing people, I really enjoyed it, but the screen kept we did get free tickets for next time, nice one AMC :D And now we are up to date I think, maybe, maybe not. I'm trying to keep on track here lol but I had a lot of hours this last week. Next week holds a trip to Miami at some point and some voluntearing at the give kids the world village, so lots of fun things planned, until then, a bientot!

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