Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jelly rolls, and backlot tour extras...

Hello once again, welcome to another blog post, this time it's for a week and a half mainly because I worked 8 days straight and I haven't really had that much of a life, but here's a run down for you. On the 30th, we went to the Grand Floridian for lunch, then over to DTD for some shopping and finally to Port Orleans for some beignets (bucket list) and to watch Tangled on the bowling green. Was so much fun!

On the wednesday it was a lot of people's last day at work :( so after work we went to ihop for pancakes, which was so nice, but yet another late night and so sad to say good bye to so many people, work is weird now that they've all gone! Friday held my first trip to Jelly rolls after work! It was so good, they had duelling pianos and played all kinds of music, there was singing along, clapping and interactive dances to do, all in all a good night, but the a/c was so high in there I was freezing by the time we left. We also went into the dance hall to take a look around but didn't stay.

Saturday I got extended at work, so I finished at 5 rather than 2.45pm but I still went to MK with Amy and Alix for a while, we did haunted mansion, the carousel, the speedway (finally), country bear jamboree and pirates, so all in all pretty good, finally done every attraction at MK! After this went over to see Mary Ann and Claire, and we just hung out and chilled for a few hours which was good and much needed I think! Sunday was another trip to church, followed by lunch with Sarah and some travel booking (finally) we are now definitely going to South Carolina and Washington DC, NYC is still elusive, no decisions have yet been made...

Tuesday I went to grocery bingo before work, I didn't win typically but it was fun and it fulfils my cultural requirement for August so we're good as I can't go to graduation! I'm scheduled to work and there looks like there's no way I can get it off now... :( after grocery bingo had a spot of lunch before work. Today I went to DHS with Nat and was later joined by Manisha and then even later by Amy, Alix and Sarah. We did quite a few things, me and Nat were extras in the backlot tour!!! I was the captain of the ship and Nat was the engineer (i.e. the one who gets loads of water dumped on them!) it was fun and I stayed pretty dry so I was impressed really! Had an amazing coffee cupcake, got a  no strings attached form because the vending machine didn't vend my drink after I'd already paid... ate at pizza planet, finally saw Fantasmic, met lots of characters, finished my autograph book and had a blast all in all! I terrorised captain hook with the tinker bell autograph book and telling him that I'd seen a crocodile lol, it was so funny, but overall a much needed day off with lots of exciting things and friends :D

Anyways tomorrow I'm off too and going to downtown orlando with Joy and Mary Ann, so we shall see what happens there and I'll keep you posted.



  1. Hey Laura! I made it to Disney :) I actually won Grocery Bingo the other day!! Haha you probably saw me! I got my attractions today; Mickeys philarmagic & the carrousel

  2. Hey, yay, glad you made it and congrats for grocery bingo, I didn't win.. hope they were good groceries. that's cool, sounds like fun attractions :) Hope training goes well.