Friday, 21 September 2012

Holding it together...

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it isn't a Disney kinda day, back to reality once again and it's harder than ever to try and live a more normal life, Disney pops up and crops up everywhere! Not to mention how much I miss the friends that I left behind and those who left but are now not living together. Out here on placement I have none of my friends here, although new friends are only a hello away I'm sure, but still, it's much harder to be positive when the sun is nowhere to be seen and it's cold every day, it is like winter here! Take me back already! I'm already thinking of ways that I can get back there or get time to go back to visit! Somehow I will do it and get back there! In the mean time I have to hold it together and pretend I remember how to live like I live in England and bundle up warm all of the time lol. As for now I don't really have any more to say, if you have any questions or requests for posts about certain things that go on in the ICP program drop me a message and I'll root around in my memory and find the answers for you! But for now that's all folks!

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