Thursday, 29 August 2013

Learning from the Mouse and what's next..


Howdy howdy friends, long time no posting, and I felt the need to post a little something to jazz up this blog! So what best to talk about than what I have learned through my ICP programs and what is next in life for me?

So, let's start with exciting news, the Summer 2014 ICP applications are open, as are the 2014 CRP applications, so if you're out there thinking that all this Disney talk sounds good, head on over to and take a look at what there is on offer! I have a couple of friends on the old facebook over there right now doing the CRP program and watching their picture and posts come through is hard but I know they're all having a whale of a time! I would totally love to apply for the CRP, really I would, but for now I think my career may have to come first, that and I don't really know if I would be emotionally stable enough to leave for an entire year...well no that's not true, I know I could if I wanted to, but I'm not stupid enough to say that for me it would be easy, it wouldn't. But maybe the future may hold more Disney adventures, maybe not, but there will be visits, vacations and all that if not more programs. Disney has not seen the last of me...!

Anyways, back to my experiences! What did the Boss teach me? Well to be quite honest I wouldn't have thought I could ever do the whole moving country thing, so it taught me how much stronger as a person I am than what I thought, so that was a nice find. Also, I think it taught me a much greater tolerance for mess, as in living in mess, I am quite a tidy person, but have lived with some less than pristine housemates through my programs, disclaimer some of you were impeccably clean however :) I think from the programs I also learned skills like overcoming language barriers, problem solving and managing crazy long shifts on little sleep, because let's face it, you're in Disney World, what crazy person would not make the most of that?! But I guess one of the most important things I did learn was real independence, yes I'd already been at uni 2 years before doing a program and I thought, as most do, that I was really independent. Not true. At home, if a problem arose, on the phone, family, friends whoeever was at hand. In Florida, oops, time zone. Who else is there to turn to? Yeah I had lots of great friends there too, but when you get out of work at midnight and you've only known these people so long and well in all honesty, they're probably still at work too, who can you rely on. You! Now, don't get me wrong, the experience has not made me so self-reliant that I don't know when to ask for help, seek advice, lean on someone else, but it helped me to realise I can help myself more than I thought I could. Yes, you may read this and think I'm a crazy person, and well, maybe I am, but this is just a little piece of me that I thought I'd share with you guys out there, especially those of you who are considering programs!

Again,who knows, when or if I post again, so for now auf wiedersehn, sayonara, aloha and good night!

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