ICP 2012 Bucket List

So, I did do a post about my bucket list, but I figure that this is just as convenient and also will help me add to it as time goes by. So here is my current Bucket List :D

  • Eat at Cinderella's Royal Table
  • Try butter beer at Universal
  • Get an alcoholic milkshake from TGIs
  • Watch a movie at a resort/beach 
  • Visit Miami
  • Eat at the '50's Prime Time Cafe
  • Collect every fast pass in the parks
  • Visit each resort on property
  • Take a picture under the 'umbrella' in Hollywood Studios
  • Be an extra in the Backlot Tour and Indiana Jones show
  • Visit Ihop
  • Do the dine-in movie experience at the AMC at DTD
  • Eat Beignets at Port Orleans
  • Go to Jelly Rolls
  • Dinner at Paridiso 37 
That's all folks. Well all I can think of right now :) feel free to make suggestions, some of them may end up on my list :D

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