So, a lot of people who apply for the ICP have phone interviews, however as my uni have pre-screen presentations and interviews each year I have not had to do a phone interview, so here I am focusing on how a pre-screen interview will go and what to expect.
First of all, congratulations on getting this far, recruitment is tough! So, you've been given your date and place for your pre-screen. Initially check you can make it and you know where you're going and how to get there in a timely manner. The presentations usually start on time and my last two have begun at 1pm sharp. If we were not there, we simply did not get in. So after being taken into the room where the interviews are a presentation about WDW will follow and what the ICP is. This is all done by Yummy Jobs. There will also be a few opporutnities to win some prizes for general knowledge about the WDW resort and the Disney Company in general, do a spot of research before you go, answering their questions means that they remember your face :D. After all the presentation has been done, you will be given an interview time, this will be a group interview of varying number, last year there were about 15 of us, so be prepared for a large captive audience. Make sure you have an up to date CV with you and are dressed reasonably smartly, try to keep to a conservative Disney Look approach. When you go in for your interview answer their questions to the best of your ability, don't interrupt anyone but don't be quiet, they won't remember you... Listen attentively to others, this is some thing they are looking out for, that you can interact with others as well as the recruiters. Questions may include why you want to do the role; which role; previous experience; describe yourself in one word; how have you dealt with a difficult situation; how would you deal with living with people from other countries/language barriers; how would you deal with the heat/homesickness and finally what disney character would you be?

After this is all over, you can take a deep breath and get ready to wait a few days/weeks to find out if you've made it to the F2F interviews.

F2F Interviews

So, you've made it past pre-screen or phone interview. Well Done :D Now just one more hurdle stands between you and a summer with the mouse :D. So tips for preparing again include making sure you know where you're going and when, do not be late. On arrival your information will be checked, so ensure you have all the documents yummy tell you to take with you and make sure you complete the online application through Disney, it's very long I'm afraid but it means that you don't have to fill it all out at interview, which takes forever. After arrival you will be greeted by the Disney recruiters, most probably this will be Jill and one other disney recruiter. They will then give you a presentation about the programs and again ask a few questions where you can win prizes. This lasts around about an hour or so and the you will be given your interview time. You can then go away somewhere to prepare or just prepare there. When your time comes you need to arrive 15 mins prior to interview for yummy to check your documents and then you will be called in to interview. The interviews are conducted in pairs to see how you interact with the other person, just listen well and interact with both them and the interviewer. It is more of a chat than an interview, I remember disscusing the weather and my previous programme with the other interviewer in the room. I also tripped over my own words, a lot, but some how I managed to get the program, so you've got a good chance :D The questions are very similar to the ones asked at pre-screen and if you're a ICP alumni then you will be asked about your record card.

After you've finished you're free to go and begin the waiting for the acceptance email. This takes a few weeks usually to come through and be prepared they can come through at any time, not necessarily within office hours, so don't despair too much if people who applied get their first. Last year I had convinced myself that I hadn't got the programme because my email didn't arrive for another day, but I got it!

If you are successful here your email will contain your start date and role and you can begin getting super excited :D

My email:

Greetings from the Yummy Jobs Team and the Walt Disney World Resort!

We very much enjoyed meeting with you during our recent recruitment trip throughout the UK.  We met many fantastic students during the trip and Disney was very impressed with the quality of all applications.
After reviewing your application and interview we are delighted to be the first to say 


You have been offered a place on Disney’s Summer Work Experience for 2012.


Your role in the show will be in Operations.


Your Summer Work Experience with Disney will commence on 10th June 2012 and conclude on 31st August 2012.

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