So what is an ICP.....

So the ICP is the International College Program the the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. It is exclusive to college/university students from all over the world. In the UK applications are managed by yummy jobs but in other countries other recruiting companies handle applications.

The ICP with Disney is unlike most work experience/summer jobs/anything else you'll ever come across. You will work a lot generally, from my experience in summer 2011 I was very lucky and typically had 6-7hr days working at the box office or as an usher at Cirque du Soleil at DTD. However I had friends in attractions over at MK who were working crazy amounts of hours and into the night. So one thing is for certain with the experience, expect lots of hours and expect to make very little/if any money. However that is the down side to the program, the plus side includes putting Disney on your CV, living and working abroad in a warm (and rainy) country, making friends from all over the world and of course, getting into all 4 of the Disney theme parks for free. The Disney difference makes the hard work worth while :D

So, how do I apply, you say? Well log on to and check out their link for Disney's Summer Experience. There is information about the programs, testimonies about past ICPs and information about how and when to apply. I believe applications are due to open in September this year, but check randomly, you never know when applications will open. In 2010 when I applied for 2011, applications opened in June, but for this year, applications didn't open until mid August, so keep your eyes peeled for when they open. So once you've made the decision to apply for the ICP, you will need to create a profile on Yummy Jobs, it is basically your CV in electronic form, but you can also attach your CV too, to ensure that you don't miss any important information out. There is space to explain your motivation for applying, what past experiences you've had, your uni and course and other information such as when you will be available to begin the program. There were 3 start dates this year, but 4 the year before, so if you finish uni late chances are there will still be a date that you can make :D After you have completed this and the apply button has gone live on the website you simply press it. Then you will receive an email thanking you for your application from yummy jobs and so begins the wait. After applications close, you will receive an email letting you know if you were successful at the first stage and if you have been given a pre-screen interview or phone interview. If you are successful, then you will go to your first interview and then wait around for another few weeks before finding out if you were successful to go to the F2F (face to face) interviews,where Disney recruiters come to interview you. Then the waiting game begins again for a few weeks. Again you are   waiting for an email. At which point you would receive an email with your start date and role on it too, so you can begin planning your summer of a life time!

Any further questions, drop me a message and I'll do my best to help out. More information on tips for the pre-screen and F2F interviews will follow later. :D

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